20 May, 2012

Will I ever complete "Worked All States"?

Here's my map of confirmed US states as it has slowly been filling over the last 10 years. 41 states have been confirmed on CW on Logbook of the World, while 9 are still missing.
In recent years progress has been very slow so I don't see my WAS being finished any time soon. Perhaps there is some resource on the web that could assist me with arrangements for the remaining states, or even some readers in these states who would help me?

I thought initially that Alaska and Hawaii would be hard, but they were not. Instead the hard ones have turned out to be the 9 grey/red states in the map: North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, Oklahoma, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, and Oregon. The two last ones are unconfirmed so that is why they are red.

The most successful bands for me have been 20 m and 15 m and the best opportunity for new states has been the ARRL DX contest in February each year, but maybe next weekend's CQ WPX contest also will help. 

Map made by DIY map


  1. I notice you're using JT65. Download JT-Alert from hamapps.com. This plugin connects to both JT65-HF and you're logbook and will give an alert a new state is on the air. I completes WAS within one year only using a Magnetic Loop antenna due to limited space (6.8-20 MHz). WYoming is the most difficult state for most operators, but yesterday I was lucky on 18102 kHz.

    1. Good idea. I haven't used JT65 in a while, but now that I have the FM-filter ready to be installed in my K3 it's time to try that again. Thanks.