26 August, 2019

FT8 From My Garden With Chrome Remote Desktop

W3RW, J. Robert Wittmer wrote "Enjoy FT8 From Almost Anywhere" in the September issue of QST. He used Teamviewer for remote operation. I tried that and found what the article also said, that if the host PC's session was terminated one needed to get a new password in order for an Ipad to log on again. I also found that multiple screens was a bit cumbersome to access.

Then I read the blog of DM5HF, Christoph Steinert, and saw that Google's Chrome Remote Desktop could be a good alternative.

The first image shows my station remotely operated from my garden, even with a monitor for transmitted frequency (hard to read).

In the next image, I am setting it up. I can access the left and right monitors of the host computer by just swiping the image on the Ipad.

The whole thing is very simple if you are running Chrome as a web reader. Go to the chrome remote desktop page, then download the chrome remote desktop app for the remote computer and authorize it for access. From then on no passwords are required anymore.

DM5HF's original post is "FT8 Remote mit Flexradio 6600 und Googles Remote Desktop App"

This blog post first appeared on the LA3ZA Radio & Electronics Blog


  1. Almost the same post as AE5X's blog. Indeed I prefer chrome remote desktop as well since it is easier to scroll to the other screen. Besides that teamviewer detects WSJT-X or JTDX as commercial software and block your account after 5 minutes or earlier. 73, Bas

  2. Thanks Bas, but John AE5X was only looking at Teamviewer based on the QST article. I think Chrome is much easier to use and I see that you agree.