30 December, 2007

AT Sprint (the original)

Photo: LA8EKA
The AT Sprint is a very nice limited edition surface mount CW transceiver designed by KD1JV Steve Weber. The printed circuit board measures 85 by 54 mm. It was quite a challenge, but a fun one, to build! 

It was designed to be a rig of a size fit for camping. It covers the 40, 30, and 20 meter bands with plug-in modules. The whole transceiver fits in an Altoids tin and outputs about 4 W. The rig in the tin weighs about 85 grams. It uses a DDS - Direct Digital Synthesis - chip for the VFO, it has a superheterodyne receiver with a four-crystal filter, audio AGC, audio filter, and a very efficient class E output stage. It also has a built-in memory keyer and a morse code frequency annunciator. It can take any battery voltage between 5.5 and 13.8 Volts.