08 October, 2019

6 m Antenna Inspiration

It's nice to see that my antenna article in Amatørradio no. 3 this year has inspired others. In no. 4, LA1AEA, Alfred, has written about how he made his own. It helped him try the 6 meter band this summer. Given his location in the very far North of Norway (Finnmark), I'm impressed by contacts that he had all the way to Greece, 3500 km away.

He writes: "LA3ZA Sverre Holm wrote an interesting article in no 3, 2019 with title "A Moxon summer antenna for 6 meter." I was inspired to try myself with some simple materials that I had available. For a long time I have considered the 6 m band to be unusable from here way up North. But this shows how wrong one can be."

This blog post first appeared on the LA3ZA blog.