25 June, 2019

A Moxon for 6 meter

My new 6 m antenna is in the Norwegian ham radio magazine Amatørradio this month and the two first pages are shown below. The title is "A Moxon summer antenna for 6 meter". A very short version is here.

The antenna builds on the design of L. B. Cebik, W4RNL in QST June 2000 - "Having a Field Day with the Moxon Rectangle". That design can be found in the moxgen program which may be downloaded from AC6LA. My design frequency was 50.2 MHz - in order to cover the CW band and FT8 at 50.313 MHz.

The design with crossed glassfiber rods was inspired by that of Anthony Good, K3NG - "Homebrew Lightweight 6 Meter Moxon".

12 June, 2019

Port sharing for WSJT-X

The program for FT8 and other digital modes, WSJT-X, requires control over the communications port of a rig like the Elecraft K3. But so does the log program. Fortunately there is a solution for sharing ports. I use LP_Bridge and DXLab Commander which are both freeware.

LP_Bridge works OK, although it does abort for mysterious reasons from time to time. The setup is here:

The active ports are COM16 which connects to the radio, COM14 which connects to Commander, and COM13 which is used for the logging program.