12 June, 2019

Port sharing for WSJT-X

The program for FT8 and other digital modes, WSJT-X, requires control over the communications port of a rig like the Elecraft K3. But so does the log program. Fortunately there is a solution for sharing ports. I use LP_Bridge and DXLab Commander which are both freeware.

LP_Bridge works OK, although it does abort for mysterious reasons from time to time. The setup is here:

The active ports are COM16 which connects to the radio, COM14 which connects to Commander, and COM13 which is used for the logging program.

WSJT-X can however not be connected directly to LP_Bridge so for that I employ Commander from the DXLab suite of programs:

WSJT-X (v2.0.1) is not set up to connect to a COM-port, but connects directly to Commander, like this:

This runs well with my log program which is UcxLog and with the N1MM Logger+ contest program.

This means that there are quite a few comm-ports which are active at a time. A good way to see which ones is to have this Serial Port Notifier running in the background.

This blog post first appeared on the LA3ZA Radio & Electronics Blog.


  1. You can monitoring the data RS232/422/485 COM ports and also displays, logs and analyzes all serial port activity in a system by utility www.com-port-monitoring.com From my firsthand experience it’s free and does all it claims to do with no restrictions.

  2. Thanks . this article was a great help. i have struggled with getting wsjt-x working on a virtual port on LPB.
    now all is well logger32 wsjt-x and NAP3 all working fine

    DE G0VXE