06 June, 2009

My Elecraft K2 Modifications

When I got my license in 2001, I discovered the Elecraft K2 transceiver on the internet and noticed the excellent reviews that it had received. Its receiver outperforms most, if not all, of the commercial rigs on the market. It combines state-of-the art performance with the thrill of building something yourself. It is also important for me that the kit designers encourage experimentation and modification.

My basic K2 with no options, serial #2198, was assembled in August 2001. I have later added the options that are needed to make all the front panel labels meaningful: the KSB2 single sideband option, KAT2 automatic antenna tuner, KAF2 audio filter and real-time clock, KNB2 noise blanker, and K160 160m/2nd RX antenna.