13 August, 2011

Small voltmeter for a QRP rig

AT Sprint rig in an Altoids box, itself contained in a video case.
Digital voltmeter in lower left corner shows 12.0 Volts.
(Click for larger image)
Every battery-operated rig needs a voltmeter. I had a small analog voltmeter for my AT Sprint QRP (= low power), 4 Watt rig, but after it failed I wanted to upgrade it to a digital one. I found a miniature meter on Ebay which is perfect for a QRP rig and which I recommend.

06 August, 2011

Aurora, 50 MHz and the Elecraft P3

Tonight had nice aurora conditions on 6 meters due to a geomagnetic storm. The Elecraft K3/P3 combo did an excellent job in showing how wide the bandwidth of these CW signals has become after having been reflected off the aurora.

The first image shows the green cursor on SM7FJE's signal, the bandwidth is almost 1 kHz.