20 May, 2012

Will I ever complete "Worked All States"?

Here's my map of confirmed US states as it has slowly been filling over the last 10 years. 41 states have been confirmed on CW on Logbook of the World, while 9 are still missing.
In recent years progress has been very slow so I don't see my WAS being finished any time soon. Perhaps there is some resource on the web that could assist me with arrangements for the remaining states, or even some readers in these states who would help me?

09 May, 2012

Unusual HF Propagation Phenomena

Earthrise from Apollo 8 (NASA)
My blog has just been updated by migrating posts from my old web site containing a collection of audio samples from unusual HF propagation phenomena. They range from round-the-world propagation (delay 138 ms) to ducted transmission in the magnetosphere (delay ~140-300 ms) ending with moonbounced 7 MHz signals (delay 2.39 sec).

The posts are:

05 May, 2012

Passive Crossfeed for iPhone

Some records just have too much stereo separation. This makes them kind of artificial to listen to with earplugs or headphones as the sound in the two ears is too different. This is where a crossfeed circuit has a role to play as it is designed to mimic the blending of the two channels that takes place when listening through loudspeakers.

As the head is smaller relative to the wavelength at lower frequencies than at higher, the shadowing is also smaller. Therefore there should be more blending of right and left below 1 kHz than at higher frequencies.

01 May, 2012

Reliable auto-detect for keyer for Elecraft K2

The Elecraft K2 has an autodetect feature for the keyer input. When enabled, and when the DASH and the DOT lines are keyed at exactly the same instant in time, the K2 will detect that this is a hand key or an external keyer. I and several other K2 owners have however experienced erratic action of the autodetect with seemingly random keying.

My problem only occurred when keying was done from an external keyer. This could happen when keying from e.g. the WinKeyer.