09 May, 2012

Unusual HF Propagation Phenomena

Earthrise from Apollo 8 (NASA)
My blog has just been updated by migrating posts from my old web site containing a collection of audio samples from unusual HF propagation phenomena. They range from round-the-world propagation (delay 138 ms) to ducted transmission in the magnetosphere (delay ~140-300 ms) ending with moonbounced 7 MHz signals (delay 2.39 sec).

The posts are:


  1. hi

    HAARP ( high freq active auroral research program ) of rival camps are now being used to DOCTOR the ionosphere for military needs-- it is radio wave beaming technology which heats up areas of the ionosphere. HAARP is the largest of the so-called 'ionospheric heaters'. The ionosphere begins approximately 35 miles above the surface and extends out beyond 500 miles.

    HAARP disrupts the entire electromagnetic shield of the planet affecting the biosphere. Our planet is surrounded by a layer of electrically charged particles called the ionosphere. The lower layer of the ionosphere is roughly 60-80 kilometres from the crust, and this charged layer reflects radio waves. Bombardment by HAARP signals "pushes" out this boundary layer, thus altering the natural, pulsating rhythm.


  2. Well, is it for military or scientific purposes? I'm not so sure about the military needs for this, so I tend to think it is for scientific reasons that these experiments are done.

    1. Hi Sverre

      Read thru this one,the second post is in detail



  3. Hi Hari

    Well I read through it and I see lots of claims about HAARP and the like and what it is and does, but hardly any documentation. Do you have anything more solid to back up these claims?

  4. Hi sverre

    Thanks for taking out the time & reading thru.

    Well,things like HAARP & other secret technology are usually kept under wraps ,away from public eye.This is the only info I could gather,no documentations.After all if a thing can disturb the ionosphere the govt. would certainly like to keep it a secret.