12 August, 2013

Q codes from the streets of Paris

I had the privilege of living in Paris with my wife a few years ago. At that time, 2008/2009, the series for car license plates had just come to Q. That made it easy to find plates with many of the Q codes which are used as abbreviations in radio communications. What follows is the result of walking the streets of Paris, mostly between the 5. and the 13. arrondissement:

Here is a broadcast to all radio amateurs: 

Are you busy ...

... reading QEX?

OK, so now you are ready.

Are you troubled by interference?

... or are you troubled by static?

Shall I perhaps send faster?

... or decrease power?

OK, I'll send slower ...

... and I'll try sending with my left foot ...

... so you can hear me between your own signals.

By the way, what is your location?

Wait a minute.

Who is calling me?

... and how many messages do you have?

Can you acknowledge receipt?

Time for me to quit.

73, LA3ZA © Copyright.

Watermarking by http://www.watermark-images.com/