25 February, 2014

Show off your project in a clear top tin

We all want to package our electronics projects in some nice enclosure. An Altoids tin is often used - and I have used that a lot myself. But for slightly larger projects, the tin shown below is a better alternative. In addition it has a clear top, so displays can be viewed and the nice layout of your electronics can be admired. 

I first learnt about these tins from the 4 State QRP Group. They advertised them as "Clear Top Enclosure - An Altoids On Steroids. Do you need an enclosure slightly larger than an Altoids tin? Would you like to see your project after building it, instead of hiding it? If so, this enclosure is for you!"

The rectangular hinged tins are no longer sold by the 4 State QRP Group, but I was able to buy them from Specialty Bottle via a friend of mine in the US (their minimum order for export was too high for me).

My projects from left to right and top to bottom are:

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