16 May, 2019

Morserino now supports Single Paddle Emulation

Picture credit Morserino-32
I was happy to see the other day that the nice-looking Morserino keyer with its modern display in its latest firmware, version 1.3, now supports a new mode. It is described as follows:
A new mode in addition to Iambic A, Iambic B and Ultimatic: Non-Squeeze. This "simulates" the behavior of a single lever paddle when using a dual lever paddle. 
Operators used to single lever paddles tend to have difficulties using dual-lever paddles, as they sometimes inadvertently squeeze the paddles, especially at higher speeds. The non-squeeze mode just ignores squeezing, making it easier for these operators to use a dual lever paddle.

This was announced on the Morserino group at groups.io as well as on Facebook on April 28, 2019. OE1WKL calls this mode Non-Squeeze.

I proposed it in 2014 on this blog calling it Single-Paddle Emulation or First Paddle Priority. The latter designation means that if the second paddle also is pressed, it is neglected, and the first is repeated. That contrasts it with the ultimatic mode which is a Last Paddle Priority mode, where it is the last paddle to be pressed which is repeated.

This mode complements the iambic and ultimatic modes and I'm happy to see it being implemented. I hope that this will inspire makers of other keyers to do this very simple addition to their software as well.

This blog post first appeared on the LA3ZA Radio & Electronics Blog.

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