20 November, 2022

W8BH clock with EU option

The TFT GPS clock with touch control which has been designed by Bruce E. Hall, W8BH, is a very nice clock with a large and easily readable 3.2" color display. Its three different screens have been nicely laid out and designed also. The processor is an STM32 Blue Pill.

I cloned the software and modified it in two simple ways:

1. EU option

This is a backwards compatible version which can be Europeanized with formats for date and units. It also has possibility for removing the display of the battery icon, when running from a USB supply.

New boolean variables to set:

  • US_UNITS - if false: m, kmh, Little-endian date with '.', if true: feet, mph, Middle-Endian date with '/'
  • BATTERY_DISPLAY - true: as original code, false: no display of battery icon and status

2. Minor fixes

  • There is now a new way of initializing Serial1 (used for GPS input signal) as the original one didn't compile in Arduino IDE 1.8.13. See https://github.com/stm32duino/wiki/wiki/API#hardwareserial
  • The satellite count in the upper right corner is more agile so it now drops to 0 whenever the GPS signal is lost, rather than stay forever at last satellite count.

The two other screens, selectable by touch, are these:


  1. Hi Can not find PCB Gerbers for GPS clock (BN34)

    1. See link on the last page here: http://w8bh.net/gps_clock.pdf

    2. Hi again It was my PC dont allow to download now it works.