22 March, 2024

Mysterious Logbook of the World DXCC Behavior

I just applied for additional credits for my DXCC status with Logbook of the World (LOTW). However some countries that I applied for, and which were awarded, are still in the "pending" category and don't seem to count.
It's a mystery for me that LOTW has approved of a QSO with for instance Equatorial Guinea, but it is still in the "Pending" category. 

The only reason I can see is that I happened not to select the very first QSO with Equatorial Guinea, but the second one. And then it does not seem to count.

I wonder if I somehow can select the one approved to be the one which counts towards DXCC, thus moving it from "Pending" to "Awarded"? Any clues from a reader of this blog?

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