14 June, 2022

SV8/LA3ZA part 2

Below is a map showing contacts made from Pythagorio, Samos, early June 2022 using FT8. I tried to contact as many entities (~countries) as possible and got to a total of 55. The main band was 30 m, secondarily 20 m. 40 m and 17 m were also used. 

My quarter-wave antenna @ 30m, shown to the left in the image, performed well, despite the high noise level from the adjacent high-voltage line. The image is in the direction of Turkey (South-East), which is not visible at the time of the image.

I tried 6 m also, but despite being able to tune the antenna for 6 m and that I heard stations, I never made a contact for that band.

Overall, I'm very happy with the result.

The log mapping tool was Adventureradio.de

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