03 June, 2022


The polymath Pythagoras was born on
Samos and his birthplace village is now
called Pythagorio.
For a short while I’m operating from Samos, Greece with my old K2 at 10 W output. Noise level here next to a high voltage line is S9+ on all bands except 6m, so only digital modes work. The K2's noise blanker does a good job of removing some of the noise.

The antenna is a quarter-wave vertical for 30 m which also tunes several other bands. It’s on the balcony with a 7 m Sotabeam glass fiber mast, on the left-hand side of the street in the image below.

I seem to be able to contact stations between Samos and the Netherlands, Canary Islands, and Saudi-Arabia as the longest distance. Considering that Pythagorio on Samos is facing south with a hill in the main direction towards Northern Europe, this isn't too bad.

I’m using a 10W UT5JCW transverter for 6 m. Sadly, that business is now closed due to the war.

By mistake I initially took the callsign to be SV5/LA3ZA. As is evident from the comment below that is wrong, as I am one island or so too far North for that. I will unfortunately therefore not be able to confirm any of those contacts.


  1. Good morning Sverre, This MIke SV5BYR. Samos island is SV8....!!! not SV5.

  2. Oops, you're right, Mike. Thanks for letting me know. Changing to SV8 from now on!