05 April, 2022

Even more functions for the Arduino GPS Clock

The multi-face Arduino GPS Clock has some new clock faces in software version 1.3.0:

  • Demo mode, where all screens are cycled through, with 10-15 seconds per screen
  • Astronomical clock
  • Wordclock display
  • Roman numbers
  • Morse code clock
This brings the total to 35 different screens. The updated code as well as documentation is on my Github page.

The astronomical clock shows sidereal time as well as solar time:
  • A sideral year is one day shorter than a solar year, as noon is defined when the earth points in a particular direction relative to the stars rather than to the sun. Further explanation is here: sidereal time
  • Apparent solar time has noon when the sun is exactly to the South. It takes into account the shift due to daylight saving time, the shift due to my longitude relative to the 15 degree zone per hour, as well as irregularities in the Earth's orbit around the sun. See solar time here.

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