11 February, 2024

Better accuracy for the Multi Face GPS Clock

Version 2.1.0 of the clock now implements interrupt-driven setting of the second. It needs the Pulse-per-second PPS output from a GPS for that. The result is that the clock is more accurate as it now changes seconds a few hundred milliseconds earlier and aligns perfectly with other clocks I have.

It is optional whether one wants to use this feature or not. If not, the PPS flag needs to be set to 0 in the Setup menu, otherwise the clock will wait indefinitely for a pulse that never comes. In the image to the right the PPS flag is set to "1".

The rest of the code status screen shown here displays: Line 2: code version and date. Line 3: GPS baudrate and PPS flag. Line 4: Time zone and offset from UTC in minutes, and language used for day names when displaying local time.

There are a few new screens also in version 2.1.0, among them one which reads a little database with names and birthdates from EEPROM and displays them in sorted order. See GitHub wiki for details. A program for writing to EEPROM is provided for loading this kind of data. Some big number screens, like the one shown first here, have also been made .

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