07 August, 2022

French, Spanish, German, Icelandic, Swedish, ...

The multi-face Arduino GPS clock is inspired by the Clock Kit from QRPLabs. It is an open source project on GitHub, and it now has support for many more languages in the newly released versjon 1.4.0. As a language nerd myself, I love fiddling with multiple languages and character sets.

The local language option is for display of day name in case local time is shown. The default is English for local time. No matter the choice for local time, English is always used for UTC day name. Here are examples:








As is evident from the examples, the letters ø and ö are displayed when needed. The same goes for å, á, é, ð, and þ which are all displayed properly according to need in the various languages. The wiki of the project on Github gives instructions for how to select language. It is also easy to add more languages.

The language option comes in addition to date and time formatting options.

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