07 August, 2023

Multi Face GPS Clock ver 2.0 setup

Clock nerds may appreciate that my multi-face GPS Clock software has come in a major new software version, V2.0.0. The main novelty is that it allows a typical user to setup the clock without having to edit the Arduino software. Youtube video demonstrations are below.

First, the 24 screens of the Favorites subset (make sure to turn on subtitles): 

Second, how to change the clock from EU to US setup (language, time zone, date format):

A brief press on the rotary encoder will enter the setup menu with these options:

< 0 Clock subset >, < 1 Backlight >, < 2 Date format >, < 3 Time zone >, < 4 Local language >, <5 Secondary menu>.

Submenus will lead the user to : 

  • Menu 0: Clock subset, gives a choice between Favorites (24 screens), All (40 screens), Calendar (13), Fancy clocks (22), Astronomy (16), Radio amateur (13)
  • Menu 2, Date format, gives a choice between EU, US, ISO, French, British, Period format, Dot format
  • Menu 3: 20 different time zones
  • Menu 4: English (en), French (fr), German (de), Norwegian (no), Spanish (es) day names for local time
  • Secondary menus will enable a choice of among others GPS baud rate

Chosen values will be stored in EEPROM so next time the clock is started it will start with the values used in the previous session.

A long press will reset the clock.

The code can be found on Github.

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