26 October, 2021

Updated Arduino Multi Face GPS Clock

The GPSClock from last month has now been updated and software version 1.10 1.1.0 is available on Github. The main upgrade is the possibility to use a rotary encoder for selecting display screen or clock face.

In addition a new screen showing Easter for the next three years, according to both the Gregorian (Western) and Julian (Eastern) calendars, has been added as number 22. The dates are shown in the Gregorian calendar:

A new screen showing the clock in binary, octal, decimal, and hex format is screen 21:

Screens 19 and 20 show the clock in octal and hexadecimal formats and are not shown here.

Screen 15 showing UTC time, locator, position, altitude, and number of satellites has been reorganized in order to work correctly for Western and Southern positions also:

Screen 7 showing binary format has been corrected:

The schematic when a rotary encoder is substituted for the push buttons is:

A wiki has been started on Github where all hardware and software options are described in detail.

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