06 February, 2022

More functions for the Arduino GPS Clock

My Multi-Face GPS Clock on Github now has a new software version: v. 1.2.0. Documentation is on the Github Wiki.

It has a new screen for predicting lunar eclipses 2-3 years into the future.

It also has a MathClock inspired by the AlbertClock which has its name from Albert Einstein. You have to be somewhat clever to figure it out. But actually it is not so hard. There are four ways to present an arithmetic computation to find hour and minute at regular intervals.
  • Additions only
  • Also subtraction
  • Also multiplication
  • and finally subtraction, multiplication, and division 


There is a new simpler look for a screen showing rise and set times for the sun according to Actual Civil, and Nautical sunrise/set with definitions 0, -6, and -12 degrees below the horizon. 

Finally, a screen with Actual rise time, solar elevation at local noon, and present elevation and azimuth for the sun has been added.



  1. Thank you for the new software version Sverre. I have updated my two clocks, the first uses push buttons, the second uses a rotary encoder, both work perfectly and great to have in the shack. 73, Malcolm EI8FH

  2. That’s nice to hear, Malcolm!